Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Waste Vegetable Oil Collection

Q: Why should I recycle my wasted vegetable or cooking oil?
A: Disposing even a little bit of kitchen waste down the drain can greatly affect local sewage systems and our environment. Working with us, we’ll make sure the oil is properly disposed of.

Q: How does my business earn revenue from you?
A: You have used vegetable oil in your business, and we’ll pay you for it! It’s easy, and hassle-free!

Q: What do you do with my used vegetable oil?
A: We work directly with other companies to recycle your used oil for items such as biodiesel or soap.

Q: Can I include my grease trap waste with the used vegetable oil?
A: No, grease trap waste must be serviced by a grease trap cleaning company and should not be combined with the waste vegetable oil.

Q: What if I live out of the San Diego area, can I still use Jay’s Pumping?
A: Yes! We travel outside San Diego County. Call us today to arrange a pick up in your area.

Q: How can I arrange Jay’s Pumping to pick up my oil?
A: Call Jason directly at (858) 750-8946 or use our contact form to send him an email.

Q: Do I need to call for a pick up?
A: We will schedule a monthly pick of your oil, however, if you are in need of more frequent pick-ups we can arrange to do this as well.