Welcome to Jay’s Pumping, a waste oil collection company in San Diego

Jay’s Pumping in beautiful San Diego, California is a fully-licensed and insured oil collection company that is helping local and professional businesses earn steady revenue just for the collection of their used vegetable oil! It’s simple. Jay’s Pumping offers waste vegetable oil collection, and you get paid for disposing your used vegetable oil! With the proper oil collection pumps and containers, Jay’s Pumping is helping local San Diego restaurants, stadiums, schools, and hospitals recycle their used vegetable oil in a quick and eco-friendly process.

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San Diego Waste Vegetable Oil Collection services | SD WVO Collection

Waste Vegetable Oil, or WVO, is a very useful substance produced by many restaurants that often let their used oil go to waste. What many businesses don’t know is that they can actually get paid for recycling their waste vegetable oil. Jay’s Pumping wants to prevent used vegetable oil from being disposed into sink drains that could hurt our environment. Instead, call Jay’s Pumping in San Diego today to find out how you can get paid to properly dispose and recycle your used vegetable and cooking oil.

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